8.1 Art. 130 Dlgs. 06 September 2005, n. 206 (Consumer Code) Consumer rights. The seller is liable to the consumer for any lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery of the goods.
8.2. In the event of a lack of conformity, the consumer has the right to restore, at no cost, the conformity of the goods by repair or replacement, in accordance with paragraphs 3, 4, 5 and 6, or to an appropriate reduction of the price or termination of the contract, in accordance with paragraphs 7, 8 and 9.
8.3. The consumer may, at his choice, request the seller to repair the goods or to replace them, free of charge in both cases, unless the remedy sought is objectively impossible or excessively costly in relation to the other.
8.4. For the purposes referred to in paragraph 3, one of the two remedies is to be considered excessively expensive if it imposes unreasonable expenses on the seller compared to the other, taking into account:a) the value that the good would have if there were no lack of conformity;
b) the extent of the lack of conformity;
c) the possibility that the alternative remedy can be implemented without significant inconvenience to the consumer.
8.5. Repairs or replacements must be carried out within a reasonable period of time and must not cause significant inconvenience to the consumer, having regard to the nature of the goods and the purpose for which the consumer has purchased the goods.
8.6. The expenses referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3 refer to the costs necessary to bring the goods into conformity, in particular with regard to the expenses incurred for shipping, labor and materials.
8.7. The consumer may, at his choice, request an appropriate price reduction or termination of the contract where one of the following situations occurs:
a) repair and replacement is impossible or excessively costly;
b) the seller has not repaired or replaced the goods within the appropriate period referred to in paragraph 5;
c) previous replacement or repair has caused considerable inconvenience to the consumer.
8.8. In determining the amount of the reduction or the amount to be repaid, account shall be taken of the use of the item.
8.9. After the lack of conformity has been reported, the seller may offer the consumer any other remedy available, with the following effects:
a) if the consumer has already requested a specific remedy, the seller remains obliged to implement it, with the necessary consequences regarding the beginning of the appropriate period referred to in paragraph 5, unless the consumer accepts the alternative remedy proposed;
b) where the consumer has not already requested a specific remedy, the consumer must accept the proposal or reject it by choosing another remedy under this Article.
8.10. A minor lack of conformity for which it has not been possible or it is excessively expensive to remedy the repair or replacement, does not entitle you to terminate the contract. 132. Dlgs. 06 September 2005, n. 206 (Consumer Code)

1.The seller is liable, in accordance with Article 130, when the lack of conformity is manifested within two years from the delivery of the goods.
2. The consumer lapses from the rights provided for in Article 130, paragraph 2, if he does not report the lack of conformity to the seller within the period of two months from the date on which he discovered the defect. A complaint is not necessary if the seller has recognised the existence of the defect or has concealed it.
3. Unless proven otherwise, defects in conformity which occur within six months of delivery of the goods shall be presumed to have already existed on that date, unless that hypothesis is incompatible with the nature of the goods or the nature of the lack of conformity.
4. In any event, an action for the assertion of defects not intentionally concealed by the seller shall prescribe a period of twenty-six months from the delivery of the goods; the consumer, who shall be agreed for the performance of the contract, may, however, always assert the rights referred to in Article 130, paragraph 2, provided that the lack of conformity has been denounced within two months of the discovery and before the expiry of the period referred to in
the previous period.


The contract of sale between the customer and Grace’s Wonders is concluded in Italy and governed by Italian law. Unless otherwise stated, Italian law applies. For the resolution of civil and criminal disputes arising from the conclusion of this distance selling contract, the territorial jurisdiction is that of the court of reference of the municipality of residence of the customer.